Our Model

Lennox-Wright Group

We help you transform your company by aligning your team on the few things that strategically make a lot of difference, by assigning a culture that suits this strategy like a glove and then launching a parallel communication model to deploy the strategic and cultural messages to the whole organization.

We also know the importance of bringing the highest echelon of your management structure into a journey of development that transforms their view on the personal, professional and social spheres and impacts their work on a positive way. We ourselves, give 10% of our yearly revenue to society by providing our service offering free of charge to those who couldn't normally afford it.

The Services

Lennox-Wright Group


Breakthroughs in strategy and culture based on co-creation and collective intelliegence.


Deployment model of every major strategic and cultural message to transform your organization and align all employees to one goal.


Breakthrough processes to develop an individual strategy on personal and business behaviors.


10% of everything we do goes free of charge to people, companies or organizations that can not afford our services.

We Offer

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